Cartridge Heater With Thread Cartridge Heater With Thread Cartridge Heater With Thread Cartridge Heater With Thread
Name:Cartridge Heater With Thread
Product name:Cartridge heater
Resistance heating wire:Cr20Ni80
Sheath Material:Seamless SS304/316/321/ Incoloy800/840 alloy, etc.
Voltage:12V/24V/36V/110V/220V/240V/380V/418V or Customized
Wattage Tolerance:±3 percent
Resistance tolerance:±3 percent
Length tolerance:± 2 mm
Tube diameter:From 2.0mm to 30mm or Customized
Thermocouple:type J or K are available
Thermocouple Location:Disc End, Sheath, Center of Heater
Warranty:12 months
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    ● Electric heater cartridge is a piece of equipment, made of MgO powder or MgO tube, ceramic cap, resistance wire(NiCr2080),High temperature leads, seamless stainless steel sheath(304,321,316,800,840) 

    ● Usually in tube form,that is used in heating applications by way of insertion into metal molds via a series of drilled holes. 

    ● Cartridge heaters are manufactured in two basic forms - High powerdensity and Low and medium power density. 

            High power density (heating surface power 10~25w/cm²), are widely used to heat Plastic injection moulds, Moulds, Platens and so on

            Low and medium power density (heating surface power5~11w/cm²), are more suitable for packing machinery, heat sealing, labelling machines and hot stamping applications. 

    ● The high-quality stainless steel sheath provides long-lasting protection, even in the harshest industrial environments. Its max power density can reach up to 40w/cm², and its maximum operating temperature can reach 800℃


    Resistance heating wireCr20Ni80
    Sheath MaterialSeamless SS201/SS304/316L/310S/ Incoloy800/840 alloy or Customized
    Wattage Customized
    Wattage tolerance±3%
    Resistance tolerance±3%
    Length tolerance± 2% or 3.2mm (1/8'')
    Tube diameterFrom 2.0mm to 30mm or Customized
    Diameter tolerance+0.05mm -0.1mm (+.002" -.004")
    Max operating tempe870ºC(1600F)
    Standard Cold Zone5mm
    Insulation resistance (cold)≥ 500 MΩ
    Max leakage current (cold)≤ 0.5 mA
    Thermocouple LocationDisc End, Sheath, Center of Heater Thermocouple
    Thermocouple TypeK/J Type Class A




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    How to Order ?

    A. Tube diameter 

    B. Overall sheath length of Cartridge Heaters. 

    C. Lead length(Default 500mm).

    D. Fixing way and position, if asked.

    E. Working voltage

    F.  Power(watt)

    G. Shape of Cartridge Heater and Thread size and diameter

    H. Heating temperature and medium

    I.  Any other requirements (e.g.) 

    - Sheath - standard SS304

    - Lead material - standard silicone fiberglass lead 

    - Sleeve material - Standard fiberglass sleeving 

    - lead connection method- internal or external

    If not sure which cartridge heater is suitable?

    Click Here to consult Honleader for suggestions! Email to Honleader 





    1. Low MOQ:   1-10 pcs MOQ available

    2. OEM Accepted:  Strong capacity in develop and production under customer drawings

    3. Good Service:   Instant response, great patience and full consideration 

    4. Good Quality:   ISO;CE;RoHS approved with 6S quality control system 

    5. Uniform temperature, Accurate dimensions, High heating transfer efficiency

    6. Fast & Cheap Delivery.

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