Improving Technology

During the past over 20 years, Honleader obtains rich experience and fine manufacturing technology in various resistance heaters elements and heating equipment. Furthermore, it frequently holds internal education training to pass down and strengthen the technical skills.


Professional Experience

With consideration and design based on customer demand, the Company will provide the solution with the maximum profit, winning customers’ trust. With 20+ years of professional experience, the Company has developed hundreds of different application solutions with high professional degree and high efficiency.


Excellent Plant and Equipment

"To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools." Excellent plant can manufacture excellent machines. Over the 20 years, Honleader has been investing in the updated production equipment, according to this, the team can play to their best strength and create the best quality. We are capable of producing number of heater parts, and offer some of the most advanced manufacturing capabilities available. CNC Machining Centres, Drilling Machines, Polishing Machines and other raw material processing machines improve our machine productivity and guarantee on-time delivery.

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Customization Service

In view of the ever-changing heating technology, Honleader R & D center and production center constantly analyze the new materials and technology in order to provide customized services as per needs of clients. Clients can embrace the latest heaters along with the updated technology for maximizing performances and profits.


Active After-sale Service

Each heater produced by HONLEADER is like a child of us. HONLEADER actively cares for the follow-up status of each heater, and also arranges tour service to make customers feel relieved and eased. This is one of the key points that customers can rely on HONLEADER.