Tubular Heater Element Tubular Heater Element Tubular Heater Element Tubular Heater Element
Name:Tubular Heater Element
Product name:Immersion Tubular Heater Element
Operating voltage:12V;24V;48V;110V;120V;220V;380V;415V or Customized
Tube material:Seamless SS201,SS304,SS316L,SS310S,Incoloy800/840 or Customized
Leakage current:<0.5MA
Diameter tolerance:±0.02mm
Tube diameter:6mm、8mm、10mm、12mm、14mm、16mm、18mm、20mm、22mm or Customized
Shape:U/ Hairpin/ W/ Z/ Straight/ Spiral/ Circular(with extension)/ Double Loop,etc
Insulation material:99 Purity MGO
Wattage tolerance:±3
Application:Air heating,Water heating,Oil heating,etc
Length tolerance:±1mm
Resistance wire:Cr25Al5,Ni80Cr20
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    ● The Immersion Tubular Heater Element is made of stainless steel tube as the shell, and spiral electric heating alloy wires are uniformly distributed along the axial direction of the tube. The gaps are filled and compacted with magnesium oxide powder with good insulation and thermal conductivity, and both ends are sealed with silica gel or ceramics. 

    ● It can heat air, metal molds and various liquids. Widely used in all kinds of saltpeter tanks, water tanks, oil tanks, acid-base tanks, fusible metal melting furnaces, air heating furnaces, drying furnaces, drying ovens, hot press molds and other devices.


    Product nameImmersion Tubular Heater Element
    Operating voltage12V;24V;48V;110V;120V;220V;380V;415V or Customized
    Tube material

    SS201,SS304,SS316L,SS310S,Incoloy800/840 or Customized

    Fin materialIron, SS201, SS304 or Customized
    Tube diameter6mm、8mm、10mm、12mm、14mm、16mm、18mm、20mm、22mm or Customized
    Resistance wireCr25Al5、Cr20Ni80

    U/ Hairpin/ W/ Z/ Straight/ Spiral/ Circular(with extension)/ Double Loop,etc

    Wattage tolerance±3%
    Terminal StylesPlain Pins/ Flag Terminals/ Spade Terminal/ Screw Terminal/ Special Terminal
    End CapCeramic end (standard)/ Cement/ Epoxy/ RTV seal
    Diameter tolerance










    1. Electric Ovens & Dryers                                                 6. Sauna bath 2. Water and Oil Heating Appliances.                              7. Sterilization equipment 3. Packaging machineries                                                 8. Kitchen equipments 4. Vending Machines.                                                         9. Medical equipments 5. Dies and Tools.                                                              10. Heat accumulating heaters

    Many other applications.....

    When you order, please provied the parameters as following:

    1. Drawings,if have 

    2. Wattage,Voltage,Shape 

    3. Working temperature 

    4. Material requirement 

    5. Screw size,if have 

    6. Quantity


    1.Low MOQ:   1-10 pcs MOQ available based on heater type and sizes

    2.OEM Accepted:  Strong capacity in develop and production under customer drawings

    3.Good Service:   Instant response, great patience and full consideration 

    4.Good Quality:   ISO;CE;Rohs certification with 6S quality control system 

    5.Fast & Cheap Delivery


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