304 Stainless Steel Fin Heating Element 304 Stainless Steel Fin Heating Element 304 Stainless Steel Fin Heating Element 304 Stainless Steel Fin Heating Element
Name:304 Stainless Steel Fin Heating Element
Product name:Fin Heater
Operating voltage:12V;24V;48V;110V;120V;220V;380V;415V or Customized
Tube material:SS201,SS304,SS316L,SS310S,Incoloy800/840 or Customized
Fin material:Iron, SS201, SS304 or Customized
Diameter tolerance:±0.02mm
Tube diameter:6mm、8mm、10mm、12mm、14mm、16mm、18mm、20mm、22mm or Customized
Shape:U-shaped, W-shaped, I-shaped, L-shaped, Back-shaped, Round or Customized
Insulation material:99 Purity MGO
Wattage tolerance:±3
Application:Air heating
Length tolerance:±1mm
Resistance wire:Cr25Al5,Ni80Cr20
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    Finned tubular heater is wound with metal fins on the surface of the common heating element. Compared with the common element, the heat dissipation area is enlarged by 2 to 3 times, that is, the allowable surface power load of the fin element is 3 to 4 times that of the common element. Under the same power condition, it has the advantages of fast temperature rise, uniform heat generation, good heat dissipation performance, high thermal efficiency, long service life, small heating device, and low cost. 

    ● The fins shape can be round spiral or rectangular up to customer request design. Steel finned heaters are standard with surface temperatures limited to about 425ºC (797ºF) compared to 815ºC (1500ºF) for an alloy sheathed non-finned heater.

    ● Products are widely Suitable for variety of forced air heating applications,such as industrial ovens and food processing machinery ,machinery manufacturing,textiles machinery, food machinery, home appliances and other industries.

    ● Moreover, the finned tubular heater is particularly good at heating petroleum and fluid. Finned tubular heaters are also widely used in industry and chemical industry, which is obvious to all. The choice of finned tubular heater is also very necessary. It is more important for buyers to choose a good supplier!


    Product nameI/U/W/L/Round tubular fin heater
    Operating voltage12V;24V;48V;110V;120V;220V;380V;415V or Customized
    Tube material

    SS201,SS304,SS316L,SS310S,Incoloy800/840 or Customized

    Fin materialIron, SS201, SS304 or Customized
    Tube diameter6mm、8mm、10mm、12mm、14mm、16mm、18mm、20mm、22mm or Customized
    Resistance wireCr25Al5、Cr20Ni80

    I/L/U/W/Round-Shaped or Customized

    Wattage tolerance±3%
    Diameter tolerance





    When you order, please provied the parameters as following:

    1. Drawings,if have 

    2. Wattage,Voltage,Shape 

    3. Working temperature 

    4. Material requirement 

    5. Screw size,if have 

    6. Quantity






    1.Low MOQ:   1-10 pcs MOQ available based on heater type and sizes

    2.OEM Accepted:  Strong capacity in develop and production under customer drawings

    3.Good Service:   Instant response, great patience and full consideration 

    4.Good Quality:   ISO;CE;Rohs certification with 6S quality control system 

    5.Fast & Cheap Delivery



    1. The heating of chemical materials in the chemical industry, some powder drying under a certain pressure, chemical process and spray drying are all realized through finned electric heating tubes.

    2. Hydrocarbon heating, including petroleum crude oil, heavy oil, fuel oil, heat transfer oil, lubricating oil, and paraffin.

    3. Process water, superheated steam, molten salt, nitrogen (air) gas, water gas and other fluids that need to be heated up and heated.

    4. As the finned tubular heater adopts advanced explosion-proof structure, the equipment can be widely used in explosion-proof places such as chemical industry, military industry, petroleum, natural gas, offshore platforms, ships, and mining areas.

    5. Finned tubular heaters also used in the drying drum of water glue and oil glue laminating machines



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