Customizable 220V/380V flexible silicone rubber pad heater oil drum heater Customizable 220V/380V flexible silicone rubber pad heater oil drum heater Customizable 220V/380V flexible silicone rubber pad heater oil drum heater Customizable 220V/380V flexible silicone rubber pad heater oil drum heater
Name:Customizable 220V/380V flexible silicone rubber pad heater oil drum heater
Type::Band Heater
Power Source::Electric
Weight::Final Dimension
Warranty::3 years
Certification::CE, Rohs,ISO9001
Shape::Rectangular , Square, Round
3M adhesive::Yes or No
Material::Silicon Rubber
Max Working Temperature Range::250 ℃
Thermocouple wire::K/J
  • Product advantages:

    The silicone rubber heater produced by our company has the characteristics of lightness and thinness, fast heat generation, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency, waterproof and chemical corrosion resistance, good toughness, conforms to the American UL94-VO flame retardant standard, long life, and is not easy to aging. The products have passed ISO9001 and CE certification in the industry, and relevant certificates and test reports can be provided.


    Product introduction:

    The "silicone rubber heater"produced by "Honleader" is a surface heating element with superior soft performance. It has the flexibility that traditional metal heaters can't match. It can be made into any shape to closely fit the heated object. The thermal efficiency is maximized, the heating speed is fast, and the heating is uniform. It can realize constant temperature heating, and can also choose a variety of temperature control methods to achieve free temperature adjustment. As a customized product, customers can choose the size, shape, voltage, power, temperature and installation method of the silicone rubber heater according to the use situation. The service life is at least 5 years.



    Size and thickness:

    Thickness: conventional thickness range 1.6mm-1.8mm, can be thicker

    Minimum size: 10mm x 20mm

    Maximum size: 1200mm x 5000mm

    Shape: any shape (support OEM&ODM)


    Temperature characteristics:

    Continuous use temperature: ≤200℃

    Instantaneous maximum temperature resistance: 250℃

    Ambient temperature: ﹣60-250℃

    Temperature control: The temperature can be directly constant, or a variety of temperature control devices can be selected for temperature adjustment


    Electrical performance:

    Rated voltage: 1-480V, AC or DC

    Power density: 0.01-2w/cm², recommended power density: 0.1-0.8w/cm²

    Power deviation: ±8%

    Insulation withstand voltage: 1500V/min

    Insulation resistance: ≥1000MΩ

    Mechanical compression: 100KG/cm²

    Wire tension: 80N



    (Part of reference, in fact, silicone rubber heaters can be used in many industries that require heating, heat preservation, dehumidification and antifreeze)

    1. Heat transfer machine heating plate

    2. Heating sheet for baking cup (pan) machine

    3. Heater for oil drum

    4. Heat-sealing machine heating sheet

    5. Heating and heat preservation of medical equipment

    6. Heating of chemical pipelines

    7. Large equipment heating

    8. Semiconductor processing equipment

    9. Heating and heat preservation of various mechanical instruments

    10. Medical equipment, such as blood analyzers, respiratory therapy devices and hydrotherapy

    11. Antifreeze for military installations, aircraft instruments and hydraulic equipment

    12. Battery heating

    13. Food service equipment

    14. Factory bonding and partial assembly? Any application that requires a soft shape or design

    15. Analytical instruments

    16. Aerospace

    17. Antifreeze equipment

    18.3D printing hot bed


    Order guide:

     1. What substance do you need to heat?

    (Such as water, oil, resin, iron, copper, air, plastic, nitrogen, etc.)

    2. How much of this substance do you need to heat?

    3. What is the power supply voltage?

    4. What is the initial temperature?

    5. What is the final target temperature?

    6. After the heater starts, how quickly do you want to reach the final temperature?

    7. Please describe the application of the product in detail

    Precautions for use:

    1. Do not pull the power cord with force.

    2. If equipped with a thermostat, please do not install it where there is dripping water. Do not use the thermostat and the heating element separately.

    3. This product has no forced shutdown function. Be sure to disconnect the power cord from the power supply when not in use.

    4. Please do not immerse this product in liquid. Use this product indoors in a dry environment. Although static electricity occurs, there is no problem in function.

    5. Please do not use it in an environment that is prone to fire or explosion.


    1. Why the price is so low?

        You are ordering directly from the factory.

    2.Can I put my company name,logo on the cards?

       Of course,please feel free to send us your logo or your idea about designs,our designer will help to design freely.If you have a design picure,you also can send it to us for reference.

    3.How much are they?

       Price is depended on your size,color printing,quantity,material and finishing.Please let us know these factors first so that we could give you an exact price.

    4.What types of payment do you have available?

       We accept TT, Paypal, Western Union ,Alipay and L/C is available.

    5.How long can i get them?

       Normally,samples need 5-7 days.

       Mass production need 10-12 days.

    6.Can I get a sample?

       Free samples are available. You only need to pay the courier fee.

    7.How to ship them?

       Express,air transportation,sea shipping.You can choose the one you like.

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