1000L IBC Tank Heater Blanket/Jacket 1000L IBC Tank Heater Blanket/Jacket 1000L IBC Tank Heater Blanket/Jacket 1000L IBC Tank Heater Blanket/Jacket
Name:1000L IBC Tank Heater Blanket/Jacket
Type:Flexible Heater
Voltage:86V/110V/220V/380V/415V Customizable
Power:1KW,2KW,3KW,5KW Customizable
Working Temperature Range:-50 - 150 ℃
Maximum size:1200mm x 5000mm
Temperature control type:Digital/Mechnical adjustable temp controller Optional
Temperature control accuracy:±1℃
Real-time display temperature:Yes
Temperature resolution:0.1℃
Key Selling Points:Long lifespan
Continuous use temperature:≤150℃
Warranty:2 Years
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    ● IBC Heating Blanket/Jacket is a flexible, detachable and collapsible heating blanket made of high quality heating wire, insulating cotton, waterproof and flame retardant insulating fabric, which can be widely used for heating, heat preservation and anti-freezing of various plastic drums, iron drums, IBC tanks, gas tanks, industrial pipes, chemical tanks and other containers. When used, it can be wound directly on the surface of the heated part.

    ● IBC heating blankets can be used for direct heating and indirect heating. The blankets are generally wrapped in full or half wrapping.

    ● IBC heating blanket usual is divided into thermostatic type and adjustable temperature type.

    ● Standard stock heating blankets are:

       1) Heating blanket for 200 liter iron drums or plastic drums, side full wrap type.

       2) Heating blanket for 1000 liter IBC ton drums can be partition heating if asked before ordering, top with removable insulation sleeve and velcro design of drum mouth insulation sleeve, which can be opened and closed freely.

    ● Other sizes of IBC heating blanket can be customized with unlimited quantity and support logo printing.


    Voltage85v/110v/220v/240v/380V/440V Customizable
    PowerCan be customized
    SizeCan be customized, Max 1200mm x 5000mm
    Insulation layer thickness10-50mm Available. Customizable thicker
    Temperature control methodAutomatic thermostat / External temperature control device
    Automatic temperature controllerDigital intelligent / Mechanical manual temperature controller





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