Infrared Heating Elements Infrared Heating Elements Infrared Heating Elements Infrared Heating Elements
Name:Infrared Heating Elements
Type:Tubular Heater
Voltage:120V/220V/380V, Customizable
Power Range:Customizable
Insulation material:Quartz tube
Resistance wire:Cr25AI15/Ce20Ni80, Customizable
Working life:Not less 5000Hours
Outside Diameter:8mm~50mm, Customizable
Shape:Straight, circle, U-shape or others Customizable
Wattage tolerance:±3 percent
Length:100mm~3000mm, also Customizable
Colour:Clear,Red,Half-white coated,Half-golden coated or Customizable
Warranty:2 Years
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    ● Infrared heating elements can be widely used for heating, drying and thermal insulation heating in the home appliance industry, industrial machinery and equipment, medical instruments and other fields. 

    ● The shapes can be customized such as: Straight, Round, U-shaped, M-shaped, NU-shaped, and various other shapes. 

    ● Quartz tube appearance can be customized such as: Transparent, frosted, ruby, gold plated, semi-gold plated, semi-white plated, etc. 

    ● Customized parameters: Customized voltage range 5V-500V, power range 1W-9000W and other specifications. 

    ● Infrared heating element main materials: Carbon fibre/ Cr20Ni80 resistance wire, high purity quartz tube, high purity gas, high temperature resistant molybdenum metal ● Infrared heating element principle: Energized to produce infrared rays and irradiate and heat surrounding objects. 

    ● Advantages of the infrared heating element: Rapid production of - 36 -- 37 - large quantities of near, medium and far infrared rays; quartz tube insulation, water and electricity separation, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, life expectancy up to 10,000 hours.











    ● Various heating and far-infrared health care industries such as life heaters, bathroom heaters, far-infrared physiotherapy, beauty equipment, etc. 

    ● Food drying machinery, tea drying machinery, wig drying and other drying and drying equipment, as well as various far-infrared drying (drying) ovens. 

    ● Various drying tunnels such as baking varnish, spray molding, and plastic equipment. 

    ● Fields such as vegetable greenhouse thermal insulation planting, pump room drying and dehumidification. 

    ● Household appliances such as disinfection cabinets, convection ovens, toasters, toasters, and food ovens. 

    ● Various types of acid heating, chemical reaction kettles and other chemical industries.


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