Immersion quartz heater Immersion quartz heater Immersion quartz heater Immersion quartz heater
Name:Immersion quartz heater
Voltage:110-480v / Customization available
Wattage:1kw to 6kw / Customization available
Sheath Material:PVC
Tube diameter φ (mm):35mm / Customization available
Warranty::12 month
Diameter tolerance:+0.05mm -0.05mm (+.002
Wattage tolerance:±3
Operating temperature:Max 220℃
Insulation material:Quartz Glass
Tube material:Quartz
Heating medium:Acidic or alkaline liquids
Dimension(LWH):Standard size / Customization available
Type:Immersion Heater
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    ● This heater is mainly used for heating various liquids, especially for heating liquids in acid-base tanks of electroplating equipment, and is widely used in electroplating industry.

    ● Features: Except for hydrofluoric acid, it hardly reacts with any other acidic substances. The acid resistance index is 30 times that of ceramics and 150 times that of stainless steel. Especially at high temperature, it has chemical stability that other materials cannot be equal to.

    ● Material: Quartz is a very good base material. Has stable physical and chemical properties. Compared with stainless steel and ceramic materials, quartz glass has a very low thermal expansion coefficient and can withstand severe temperature changes. It can withstand high temperature up to 1100℃.





    ● For others size, please consult us and kindly help provide the following basic parameters: 

    1. Voltage. 

    2. Wattage. 

    3. Heating tube diameter and length. 

    4. Flange size and pressure,if asked. 

    5. Heating temperature. 

    6. Heating medium: (Air/Gas/Liquid; Corrosive or Non-corrosive).



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