Cartridge Heater for Mold Cartridge Heater for Mold Cartridge Heater for Mold Cartridge Heater for Mold
Name:Cartridge Heater for Mold
Tube diameter::8mm / 10mm / 12mm / 14mm / 16mm, etc.
Material::SS304, 316, 321,etc
Insulation resistance (cold)::≥ 500 MΩ
Diameter tolerance::-0.02mm
Application::3D print,packing machine,labelling machines and hot stamping
Dimension(LWH)::Cutomers Request
Resistance::2080 resistance wire inside
Thermocouple Location::type J or K are available
Standard Cold Zone::5-10mm
Warranty::1 Year
Type::Air Heater
  • Cartridge heaters are versatile and durable products that can be used to heat a wide range of processes from heavy industry – plastics and packaging applications to intensive care medical devices and analytical test instruments for aircraft, trams and trucks.

    The cartridge heater is capable of operating at temperatures up to 800 ° C and achieves a power density of 30 watts per square centimeter. Available in stock or custom made to your individual needs, they come in many different sizes and lengths of imperial and metric, with many different styles of termination, power and voltage rating.


     Various Cartridge Heater Cartridge Heater For Industry






    * Medical: Dialysis, Sterilization, Blood Analyzer, Nebulizer, Blood/Fluid Warmer, Temperature Therapy

    * Telecommunications: Deicing, Enclosure Heater

    * Transportation: Oil/Block Heater, Aircraft Coffee Pot Heaters,

    * Food Service: Steamers, Dish Washers,

    * Industrial: Packaging Equipment, Hole Punches, Hot Stamp.


    When you order, please specify:


    1.Diameter of electric heating tube A

    2.Total length of electric heating pipe B

    3.Lead length C and Lead material (Default 250mm)

    4.Fixing method (None, Flange, Thread) and accessory position D

    5.Working voltage and Phase line

    6.Working power

    7.Heating medium

    8.Operating temperature

    9.Mounting hole diameter, depth, accuracy.

    Please note:

    Regarding the reserved holes on the mold: In order to ensure easy installation and increase heat transfer efficiency, please try to minimize the gap between the heater and the mounting hole. The unilateral gap is recommended to be 0.05 mm~0.1 mm (specifically, it should be determined according to the mold material and operating temperature. )


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