Parking Heater Parking Heater Parking Heater Parking Heater
Name:Parking Heater
Type:Air Heater
Power Source:Diesel/Gasoline
Warranty:1 Year
After-sales Service Provided:Online support
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
Brand Name:Leader
Voltage:DC 12V,24V
Working temperature:-40-80℃
Car Mode:Trucks, buses, caravans, RVs, yachts, various construction vehicles
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    ProductDiesel parking heater
    Burning rate100%
    Fuel consumption0.1-0.24L/H
    Operating temperature-40~80℃
    Working voltageDC12V24V
    Plateau modeThe system automatically switches to the plateau mode
    ApplicationAll kinds of cars, construction vehicles, excavators, trucks, vans, camping cars, RVs, yachts,commercial vehicles, buses, etc.
    Recommendations for useAccording to actual needs, it can be adjusted. The greater the power, the larger the heating area, and the maximum effective heating area does not exceed 30 square meters



    Precautions for Use

    1. Vehicle liquid fuel heaters can only use diesel as fuel. (H-Q5B can be used with gasoline, please specify)

    2. Before the heater is used, the pipeline valve must be opened to ensure that the liquid in the pipeline can circulate, and at the same time, it must be filled with antifreeze, otherwise the dry grinding of the water pump will generate high temperature and cause damage to the water seal.

    3. It is strictly forbidden to use the main power switch of the vehicle to turn off the heater to prevent damage to the main engine from overheating.

    4. The coolant medium filled in the circulation system must be an antifreeze to meet the temperature requirements of the vehicle's operating environment and prevent the radiator from rusting and generating scale.

    5. When the circulation system is filled with coolant medium, the heater bleed plug (on the heater inlet pipe) and the pipeline bleed valve must be opened first, and there is no gas at the bleed valve, especially the heater bleed plug. When it comes out, close the bleed plug (bleed valve), turn on the water pump switch, and continue filling until the circulating system is full of coolant medium



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