Infrared Heater Infrared Heater Infrared Heater Infrared Heater
Name:Infrared Heater
Voltage:24V 36V 72V 100V 110V 115V 120V 220V 230V 240V 380V 400V
Wattage:0.3kw~6kw; and other can be customized
Wattage tolerance ():±3
Tube diameter φ (mm):
Length tolerance (mm):±2
Maximum heating temperature (℃):1000℃
Electricity to heat conversion efficiency ():99.5
Infrared wavelength (μm):1.512
Color temperature (K):800~2500K
Average service life (H):≥5000H
Heating wire:Carbon Fiber and Nickel-chromium Aluminum wire Optional
Length (mm):100mm~3000mm Available
Shape:U-shaped, Straight, Round, C-shaped and many other shapes available
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    Quartz Tube Heater is an economical and environmentally friendly heater with a quartz tube as the outer wall tube and a conductive heating body inside, which can quickly heat up after power on. According to the different built-in heating elements, it can be divided into carbon fiber heating tube and nickel-chromium-aluminum heating tube. According to the different types of quartz tubes, it can be divided into ordinary quartz heating tubes and far-infrared quartz heating tubes.



    ● Various heating and far-infrared health care industries such as life heaters, bathroom heaters, far-infrared physiotherapy, beauty equipment, etc. 

    ● Food drying machinery, tea drying machinery, wig drying and other drying and drying equipment, as well as various far-infrared drying (drying) ovens. 

    ● Various drying tunnels such as baking varnish, spray molding, and plastic equipment. 

    ● Fields such as vegetable greenhouse thermal insulation planting, pump room drying and dehumidification. 

    ● Household appliances such as disinfection cabinets, convection ovens, toasters, toasters, and food ovens. 

    ● Various types of acid heating, chemical reaction kettles and other chemical industries.



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