Vehicle mirror heater Vehicle mirror heater Vehicle mirror heater Vehicle mirror heater
Name:Vehicle mirror heater
Type::Air Heater
Power Source::Electric
Power density range::0.03w/cm²~1w/cm²
Width range::10mm~500mm
Length range::10mm~1800mm
Warranty::1 year
Working temperature::-50°C-280°C
Place of Origin::Jiangsu, China
Weight::Final Dimension
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    Automotive rearview mirror heating films are available in various shapes, sizes and wattages, with a high degree of chemical resistance and flexibility. It is a highly flexible heating element with excellent dielectric properties and can operate at temperatures from 500 ° C to 200 ° C. Compared with silicone heating film, PET film or ceramic electric heating film, defogging heating film is suitable for low power self-adhesive heating film of mirror. The elongated heating film adheres only to the back of the mirror. After installation, the mirror will not evaporate in or around the heated area, and is moisture-proof, shock-proof, shock-proof, dust-proof and anti-aging. The mirror can be lightly and safely heated to prevent fogging. The heat is stably and evenly distributed on the surface of the heating pad hidden behind the mirror.

    Kapton heaters also make it easy to visually inspect the internal structure. The surface of the PSA backing is standard, but special adhesives or mounting holes can be customized according to customer requirements.


    Power Density Range (W/cm²)0.1~0.6, or Customizable
    Voltage range (V)3V~380V, or Customizable
    Thickness range (mm)0.13-0.31
    Withstand Voltage Strength (VDC)1500/5ma/60s
    Insulation resistance (mΩ)≥50
    Min/Max temperature resistance (℃)-50-300
    Operating temperature (℃)Less than 200 is better, Under long time <120
    Lead wire pull (N)≥80
    Power deviation±5%
    Mechanical compressive strength (KG/cm²)100
    Flammability ratingUL-94










    Our film heater has been successfully used in the experimental work of world-renowned universities and research institutes such as Abu Dhabi University, Dubai University, United Arab Emirates University, Peking University,etc, and established a good cooperative relationship.


    1.Low MOQ:   1-10 pcs MOQ based on heater type and sizes.

    2.OEM Accepted:  Strong capacity in develop and production under customer drawings.

    3.Good Service:   Instant response, great patience and full consideration.

    4.Good Quality :   CE, Rohs approved; With 6S quality control system.

    5.Fast & Cheap Delivery:  We enjoy great discount from shipping forwarders

    Order Guide:

    1.Please advice us Voltage,Power or Resistance.

    2.Size:Length and Width.Please send us drawing if you have.

    3.Cable length

    4.Other requirements is availble.

    Should you have any questions,please be kindly to reply us,let's talk in details.


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